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autoimmune protocol


The Autoimmune Protocol is, “in a nut free shell”, a food elimination and reintroduction process which is scientifically designed for people suffering from an autoimmune disease or other chronic diseases. The objective is to heal your gut and immune system, then identify the foods and ingredients which cause allergic reactions, food sensitivities and inflammatory responses in your body.

The human body is an amazing machine. I like to compare the human body to a car, and the stomach would be the engine. We all know that if you put in the wrong fuel, the car will spit and spurt and ultimately break down and cause damage to the engine! The same theory can be applied to the stomach and body. If you eat the wrong food……….

The autoimmune diet food list starts by eliminating a series of foods known to be inflammatory, then start eating foods that are known to gently reduce inflammation and heal your gut. After this, you begin strategically reintroducing the eliminated foods one at a time, so that the effect of each food on your body can be judged in isolation, learning to listen to your body as you go.

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With Paleo or the ‘Caveman Diet’, the core foods eaten lend themselves to what our ancestors would have eaten; wild plant and animal foods they could hunt, gather, forage or fish in their native environment. While this is not easily replicated these days, there are similar alternatives in the modern world. In essence, it is eating preservative-free meals based on what could be hunted or gathered.

The problem is that Paleo has food ingredients that are high on the inflammatory scale, e.g. Paleo has lots of nuts, seeds, eggs and nightshades. These foods have been identified as causing potentially inflammatory responses to the body and gut.

Some people who start on Paleo are sometimes disheartened as they do not receive the long-term benefits or changes they are expecting or have witnessed from other people who adopted Paleo as a lifestyle. Initially, Paleo will provide results, after all, you are moving from a toxic food environment to one of healthy, chemical free eating.

Some people can transition to Paleo once they have completed the Autoimmune Protocol healing process. However, if you have an autoimmune disease or other chronic illness, chances are that you will not be able to eat certain foods again as they can cause a ‘flare’ of chronic pain and discomfort.

Everyone is different and that is why the AIP diet is such a great food lifestyle. The autoimmune protocol shows you how to listen to your body and identify those foods and ingredients that cause a negative reaction so you can create a tailor-made eating lifestyle that suits you.




Generally speaking, people who have commenced on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet will tell you that the AIP diet has provided them with the best outcomes and results for their healing and wellbeing. The proof is in the pudding is a cliché that is quite relevant here. The AIP has been proven to be an effective lifestyle change that will transform not only how you live your life but how you think about life as well. The AIP diet shows you how to learn to listen to your body and understand what your body is saying to you. The AIP diet will teach you to respect yourself and thereby how to look after yourself, and a total metamorphism/transformation will take place. It’s no wonder after years of eating foods that are not only unhealthy but potentially harmful, that once you change to the AIP diet you feel younger, stronger, healthier and have more motivation, all while eating lots of the most delicious nutritious foods and never feeling hungry. YOU are worth it! You are unique and valuable so treat yourself that way!

The AIP diet will turn around nutrient deficiencies, restore gut biome and re-establish overall health and wellbeing in your body and mind.

The AIP lifestyle is the ultimate path for those with an autoimmune disease or other chronic diseases; one which will empower you to develop your own personalised holistic healing regimen to suit your body and lifestyle.

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