Stop The Crazy Autoimmune Disease Merry Go Round

Harmony Hunter


Autoimmune diseases and other chronic illnesses can be extremely painful & play havoc on you physically, emotionally & mentally! Autoimmune diseases can cause so much anguish and grief within families, many people are not aware that their illness could be causing this havoc!

Here are a few symptoms to watch out for – anger, fear, body pain, depression, denial, frustration, self-hatred/loathing, isolation, constant mood swings, brain fog, sleeplessness just to name a few. So, if you are not aware of how AID can affect your body & MIND then you won’t know it is causing changes in your behaviour and life, and you will not even consider that there is a way to take control of it. 

At first, it starts slowly, like a bad virus, at first you don’t really notice the psychological and mental changes, it creeps up on you and little by little it takes over your life until you think it is really just you that has changed, and not for the better, You think something is wrong with you, you are constantly feeling the guilt of your irrational thinking and behaviour.

Some mainstream doctors misdiagnose some diseases such as Hashimoto’s as depression. Next thing you know you are prescribed anti-depressants which only fuels the fire of your autoimmune disease. It may take years for you to discover you have been misdiagnosed and by then the damage has been done. Not that you cannot reverse the disease and symptoms but perhaps if you had been diagnosed correctly and caught it in its infancy stage you might have been able to totally heal yourself from the disease altogether.

A lot of diseases could be avoided if doctors took their time with their patients and conducted the essential tests. This is why having a good integrated functional medical practitioner is so important, their scope of testing is much wider than that of most mainstream GP’s.

I should know, I was one of these people, it took me years to discover I had an autoimmune disease. Then, I never considered it was my 3 autoimmune diseases and especially Hashimoto’s that was causing me to think I was going crazy. When I found and adopted the autoimmune diet protocol using food as medicine it turned my life around! Stop the crazy merry-go-round now! Yes, there is more to it than just changing your food but I can tell you it is the best starting point. Adopting the AIP diet to heal your gut and to calm your inflammation will provide you with the best starting point to turn your life around! Before the AIP diet, my antibodies were in the many thousands, my body and mind were depleted and exhausted! I really thought I was having a mental and emotional breakdown. I was constantly under the feeling of guilt, guilt was strangling me, the more guilty I felt the more self-loathing I felt. When I finally found out through persistence I had Hashimoto’s I wasn’t informed how it could affect me or what my options were. 

The autoimmune diet we call the autoimmune protocol or AIP has been scientifically designed specifically to address autoimmune diseases. The AIP diet targets food groups that can potentially reap havoc in your gut and immune system. Who would have thought that so many autoimmune diseases and their symptoms could be addressed simply by an autoimmune diet? I for one was not sure but, the proof, as they say, is in the pudding!

Start now to take control of your life & health to stop the crazy autoimmune disease madness now! You can take control of your health and wellbeing, You can change the way you think and feel! You can be the master of your health and wellness.  

Don’t let your disease dictate & identify who you are, that is not who or what you want to be, that is a life of defeat and emptiness.

LIVE LIFE, YOU CAN AND YOU WILL! Be the person you are meant to be!

If I can do it so can you.

If you are feeling inspired to start the AIP diet right now I have created a start-up guide to help you on your way, you can download it for free as my gift to you


You can also download my comprehensive food & lifestyle guide ‘FOOD IS LIFE” with over 100 mouth-watering AIP compliant recipes.


Don’t wait until you get sick to do something about your health, take care of yourself now so that you can enjoy your family and friends in good health.

Yours in Health & Harmony,



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