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Holistic Healing Bundle

This complete bundle of six books will provide you with the resources about holistic healing to start living a healthy, balanced & fulfilled life. 

Simply order the hard copy of Food Is Life and I will give you 5 bonus products to help you on your holistic healing journey, for free!

What’s in the bundle?

1.  “Pre-start guide” ~ my how to get started on the AIP            (e-book)

2. “Food is Life” ~ my Australian AIP food & lifestyle guide   (hard copy)

3. “Food Reintroduction Guide” ~ an easy to print pdf for food reintroduction   (pdf)

4. “The Power of Mindfulness” ~ learn this amazing technique  (e-book)

5. “Living the Paleo Life” ~ my how to transition to Paleo           (e-book)

6. “Beginners Guide to Yoga” ~ yoga is wonderful no matter what your age  (e-book)

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Natasha Horvath was diagnosed in 1998 with Hashimoto’s disease, and later with Pernicious Anaemia and Addison’s disease. She spent thousands of hours searching for ways to find harmony for her body and mind until she found success with the help of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet. Since changing her diet and lifestyle, she has now put her 3 autoimmune diseases into remission as well as her husband’s type 2 diabetes, now they have harmony in their life. Through her own first-hand experiences with the AIP Diet, Natasha now wants to share her knowledge with others. With her comprehensive cookbooks, guides and blogs full of information, she’s on a mission to help others with autoimmune diseases and chronic illness to heal their body and find harmony once again.