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“Food is Life”

Authentic Australian AIP Compliant Recipes


I’ve created over 100 recipes to help you on your AIP journey.  Food is the key and just because we are being restrictive doesn’t mean we don’t get to have delicious food!

The story behind the book

Hello, I’m Natasha, the author of ‘Food Is Life’ the AIP lifestyle and food guide.

I’ve battled three autoimmune diseases (including Hashimoto’s) most of my life, and after plenty of hard work have been successful in putting them all into remission thanks to eating via the Autoimmune Protocol philosophy. The success I experienced encouraged my husband to try it and he reversed his type 2 diabetes, diverticulitis and lost over 30kgs all via the AIP and using food as medicine.

The problem I found was that the AIP is very restrictive which meant normal recipes needed to be heavily adapted. When you do that flavours and great tastes tend to be lost.

My love affair with cooking and food first began when I was about 8 years old. I have fond memories of standing on my little wooden chair at the kitchen bench wearing a diving mask and snorkel, chopping onions!! I loved to experiment with different flavours and cooking techniques.

I love cooking and eating great tasting nutritious food. As a family chef that has worked in leading fine dining a la carte restaurant’s for over a decade the biggest thing I learned was that great food doesn’t need to be complicated, you can make a world-class dish with very simple ingredients. I decided I needed to create recipes for myself so I could enjoy the journey I was undertaking.

I want to share my expertise while bringing new dimensions to the AIP landscape. I want to show you that, even though you are embarking on a very restrictive elimination diet, it does not have to be bland or boring, even when you may be removing some of your absolute favourite flavours from your menu.

I am extremely proud of the recipes I have created. Many friends with autoimmune diseases and others that are simply health conscious love them too, they are packed full of healing love and flavour.

The result is over 100 recipes that I have put together into Food Is Life an Australian cuisine cookbook for AIP.

I know my cookbook will help you on your AIP journey and health recovery.

Get excited as you are about to go on a healing journey on the AIP!

Food is medicine… and it should taste awesome!

Natasha Horvath


What do you get in the book

  • Over 100 original nutritious authentic Australian AIP compliant recipes. You will never run out of delicious food ideas for you, your family and friends.
  • Learn how to start the AIP and personalise your eating lifestyle. Learn to listen to your body and its response to different foods.
  • Batch cooking tips. Discover lots of batch cooking recipes and ideas.
  • Shopping hints & tips. Where to resource the freshest organic ingredients.
  • What is the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)? Keeping it simple.
  • About Autoimmune Disease. In a nut free shell.
  • Fermented food and beverages. What is good and what might be bad for you
  • Breakfast on the AIP. Easy peasy simply change the way you look at it.
  • Eating out while on the AIP Lifestyle. Don’t stress, I have it covered for you.
  • Reduction of chemical exposure from personal care, household items and even water! Your health is everything!
  • Ingredients list for the AIP lifestyle. What is in and what is out.
  • All recipes are in metric and imperial. Taking the guess work out for you.




Dr Ali PicThanks to books like this and relentless efforts of survivors of autoimmune disorders, worried patients often suppressed by their doctor would seek the help of their fellow sufferers in the search for an answer. This book has a wealth of knowledge and takes us back to the basics of eating and cooking like our “hunter gatherer” ancestors, as we should have in the first place; after all we are what we eat”.
Dr. Ali Eghtesadi Araghi, MD Board Certified Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine (FMMI/ABARRM)