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My son Aden was born to a mother with 3 autoimmune diseases, this substantially increased the risk for him to develop autoimmune disease in his lifetime. 

Aden had been developing physical and behavioural signs that grains, including gluten-free grains, were causing damage to his gut, which is the trigger to autoimmune and other chronic diseases. Aden had developed a rash on his elbows, backs of the arms and knees which I discovered was a physical symptom of gluten/grain intolerance, knowing that this damage to his gut could lead to health problems down the track, I had to take action! 

There were no grain free products on the market that actually tasted like traditional bread, and the alternatives were full of ingredients which I knew to be unhealthy. I decided to make my own bread. It had to taste like real traditional bread, be bendy and soft with a good shelf life, and free from nuts and coconut as Aden doesn’t like the taste, I also wanted to be able to eat it; I follow a modified AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet (Aden’s Choice bread is suitable for stage 2 AIP food re-introduction). 

I experimented with a few online recipes but it was near impossible to find a recipe that wasn’t based on nuts, coconut or seeds. Most gluten/grain free breads are sodium bicarbonate raised so they are essentially a cake and don’t have the fluffy, bendy qualities of a yeast-risen loaf. I knew then that I had to create something from scratch, and a seemingly endless process of trial and error begun. Each time I pulled a fresh loaf out of the oven I hoped that I had finally nailed it, only to get the thumbs-down time after time. 

Finally, after 8 months, the oven buzzer went off and it looked and smelled just like real bread! I took it out of the tin and it was just perfect, I couldn’t wait for it to cool enough to see what it tasted like! I finally got to the best review I could have from Aden “Mumma it’s so good, it tastes just like real bread!” and “Aden’s Choice” was born!

In the coming weeks, I baked some loaves for friends with similar dietary requirements and the response was astounding, no one could believe that it was gluten free let alone grain free. The word started to get out and I was getting so many people asking me to make it for them I couldn’t keep up with the demand. I knew that this is a revolutionary product so we decided to approach SOL Breads Australia to see if we could get this amazing bread out to the public. When the SOL Breads team tried Aden’s Choice we were immediately offered a contract, we are proud to have partnered with them to bring you Aden’s Choice.

Many people are choosing a gluten or grain free diet for a variety of positive health benefits including managing autoimmune conditions such as coeliac disease, Hashimoto’s disease, Graves disease and rheumatoid arthritis; improving gut health and immune strength; healing digestive issues and reducing inflammation in the body. 

As The author of Australia’s first Autoimmune Protocol cookbook and lifestyle guide ‘Food Is Life’ I know many ingredients can cause inflammation within the body and it was important that I created a bread that was free from grains, gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, corn, coconut, artificial flavours, GMO’s, artificial colours and preservatives.

Aden’s Choice is made with beautiful whole food ingredients including golden flax meal which is a well known superfood high in omega 3 fatty acids, free range egg, virgin olive oil, tapioca flour and arrowroot starch. The combination of these ingredients makes this bread high in good fats and protein to keep you full for longer, gut-friendly pre-biotics and low glycemic resistant starch, high in minerals, vitamins and fibre. 

Aden’s choice takes gluten-free one step further by also being grain free which is great news for those with gluten cross-reactivity. Many people that need to go gluten free often don’t get the relief from the symptoms they are looking for because our bodies can still react to gluten-free grains.”

Aden’s choice is baked fresh and delivered to your door anywhere in Australia, simply go to to place your order now or ask your local health food store or Gluten Free stockists to order it in for you from SOL Breads Australia.

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*Thank you to Brad Walker Photography for the wonderful pictures